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Our Services


We Offer a Wide-Range of Videography & Production Services…

Real Estate Videography

We step in with our real estate videography services to help you make your properties and listings stand out. 

The result?

More sales, More views and More engagement.

Real Estate Drone Photography
Video Camera
Shared Desk

Personal & Business Branding Video

Your brand is what differentiates you from the competition. 

And when it comes to attracting new customers, nothing can capture their attention like a well-shot video that tells your story.

Let us help you step up your branding game. 

Testimonial Videos

Vivid helps businesses share video reviews.

Sharing experiences and benefits your customers have reaped from your brand could mean all the difference.

Let us help you shoot testimonial videos that bring more sales and engagement for your brand.

Video Personality
Video Camera
Video Editors

Sales Training Videos 

Training videos are an excellent way to create efficient systems and processes that help you train your team.

We step in to shoot professional, crisp and detailed videos that can serve as your digital training assets for years to come.

Marketing & Promotional Videos

Promotional videos use emotional techniques to get the client's attention. 

Promotional video marketing has been proven time and again by savvy companies around the world and it is something we would gladly help you with.

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming
Video Camera
Casual Business Meeting

Employee Orientation Videos

One great way to make new employees feel at home and welcome is through video.

This can be a useful tool for bringing staff up-to date on what’s happening in the company, or even just getting them acclimated with their surroundings so that it doesn't seem quite as intimidating

And Leverage Our Knowledge of Real Estate and Branding to Help You Market Your Business Effectively

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